Seryung KIM Garden1 Tachibana Gallery 橘画廊
キム・セリョン展 GARDEN
Kim Seryung exhibition “GARDEN”




キム・セリョンにとって庭は「おとぎ話の世界」。神秘の空間を四角い枠に閉じ込め、忘れかけていた驚きを伝えています。14点を出品予定。作品はすべて一点ものです。画像は「Garden1」(2017年、コラグラフィー、モノタイプ、木版画、60 x 90 cm)。

キム・セリョン 1983年韓国・大邱(テグ)生まれ。2015年アカデミー・オブ・アート大学(サンフランシスコ)芸術修士号取得、同大学スプリングショー第3位。 

Korean artist Kim Seryung’s first solo show will be on view at the Tachibana Gallery in Tokyo from April 5 to 16, 2017. Kim grew up in a small rural area in South Korea where she was always playing with flowers and butterflies, which she took as rich sources of inspiration for her art. Now she explores various shapes of petals, textures of butterfly wings, organic colors, and movements of flora and fauna in her works.

Kim’s primary mediums are abstract collagraphy, monotype and wood cut. She uses monotype by hand painting for diverse color and creates collagraphs with many kinds of materials such as sand, glue, string and paper for various textures and values. These multiple layers of monotype, collagraphy and woodcut reveal the unique descriptions of her organic world in her “Garden”. This exhibition will present around fourteen works by Kim.

KIM Seryung
1983 Born in Daegu, Korea
2015 BFA, Academy of Art University(AAU), College of Fine Arts, Printmaking Department, San Francisco, USA
2016 Study in Hongik University Graduate School, College of Fine Arts, Printmaking Department, Seoul, Korea 

2015 AAU Spring Show Third Place