AHAF Hong Kong 2014に参加

橘画廊は2月から3月にかけて香港で開かれるホテル型アートフェア、ASIA HOTEL ART FAIR HONG KONG 2014(AHAF2014)に参加します。アーティストは伊東敏光、稲葉高志、芝田知佳、寺村サチコ、山地咲希。香港随一のショッピングモール、ハーバーシティに位置するマルコポーロ香港ホテルの客室を会場にしたフェアで、橘画廊の部屋は729号です。

会場: マルコポーロ香港ホテル7・8階(橘画廊729号)
入場料: 100香港ドル

Tachibana Gallery is going to participate in ASIA HOTEL ART FAIR HONG KONG 2014 (AHAF2014) from February 28 to March 2. We are looking forward to seeing you at our booth (#729).

Date: February 28 Fri. -March 2 Sun.
Venue: Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel Harbour City, 3 Canton Road, Tsim Sha
Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Room Number: 729
Artists: Toshimitsu Ito, Takashi Inaba, Chika Shibata, Sachiko Teramura, Saki Yamaji
Admission fee: HKD 100

Toshimitsu Ito
Toshimitsu Ito is a sculptor who is forging ahead in the new field of “scenic sculpturing.” His airplane-shaped sculpture AA60 (wood, stone, 406 x 412 x 160cm) exhibited at Tachibana Gallery in 2013 had an overwhelming affect on people. His use of stones on the plane to express the cactus of Arizona, and mountains of Texas echoing the Japanese tradition of Mitate, art of resemblance, was a big sensation. This sculpture was exhibited at the Izumi Museum of Art in Hiroshima, as well. He will also be submitting miniature editions of AA60 to AHAF2014.

Chika Shibata
Chika Shibata is an artist who creates pop style art works of bright color using various techniques, such as dyeing, silk screen, and drawing. Her theme is memory. She gathers the fragments of the memories related to one day’s meal and combines them with the experiences and feelings of that day. A special technique called opal finishing is used for some works, creating a transparency, allowing her to express the ambiguity of memories.
Sachiko Teramura Tachibana Gallery
Sachiko Teramura
Sachiko Teramura is a fiber molding artist who, in her art, uniquely expresses “an interesting yet sickly image” of young women using a special technique of Japanese traditional-dyeing and print. Her work symbolizes a duality in young women of loveliness and desperate calculation. Since they have both sides, Teramura is enchanted by them and tries to show their beauty, a feeling of vitality, and ugliness at the same time. She has produced three-dimensional flower-like objects reminiscent of life forms allowing insects to carry pollen instead of sucking honey or like a jellyfish which fluffily drifts and eats fish in the sea.